HL TRAD is joining the Technicis group

The Technicis group, specialised in professional translation, continues to deploy its external growth strategy with the acquisition of the company HL Trad.

Boulogne-Billancourt, 10 July 2018 – The Technicis group, a European leader in the professional translation sector, announces today the acquisition of the translation company HL Trad. This acquisition reinforces the group’s expertise in two areas: legal and financial, adding a strong “business” building block to the digital one recently gained through the acquisition of TextMaster. With this second acquisition in 2018, Technicis pursues its expansion strategy that it began in 2012, with the goal to rank among the top 5 worldwide by 2020.

The legal and financial segments are a strong area for the Technicis group

By combining Technicis’s know-how with that of HL Trad, the group is now able to offer a service of unrivalled quality and responsiveness, a prerequisite for these particularly demanding sectors.

Founded in 2006 in Paris, HL Trad has undergone significant growth since its beginnings. This renowned agency is specialised solely in the legal and financial verticals. In addition to its expertise in the business, HL Trad stands out thanks to its ability to provide service on a 24/7 basis. This level of responsiveness is particularly appreciated by clients in the legal and financial sectors. HL Trad had itself acquired the agencies CPW (financial translation) and Sémantis (translation in the communication, marketing and luxury sectors) in 2017 to support its development.

Comment by Benjamin du Fraysseix, CEO of the Technicis group: For over 10 years we have been strongly positioned on legal and financial translation, with a French and European client base that we are proud of – the addition of the HL Trad group will strengthen these segments further. The obvious synergies provided by the new entity will enable us to offer our clients an unprecedented quality of service and level of responsiveness.”

The Technicis group confirms its international ambition with this second acquisition in 2018

HL Trad is Technicis group’s 6th acquisition since 2012 when it first launched its external growth strategy. V.O. Paris joined the group in that year, followed by Cogen (2015), Translation Probst (2016), Arancho Doc (2017) and more recently TextMaster, specialised in professional cloud-based translation solutions (2018).

The Technicis group can now count on 450 employees, and a reinforced international presence, with offices across Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Czech Republic) and in North America (Canada).

The group’s target is to generate revenues of over 75 million euros in 2018, and continue day after day to confirm its position as a key player in the professional translation sector.

About the Technicis group

Technicis group is one of the most dynamic players in its sector thanks to its aggressive external growth strategy. It is positioned among the leading international translation companies, with estimated sales of over 75 million euros in 2018. Its 450 employees are located across 11 sites in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Czech Republic) and North America (Canada). With a portfolio of over 4,500 clients, the Technicis group collaborates for the most part with CAC 40 companies, as well as large European and US groups.


Press Release – HL Trad joins the Technicis group – 10-07-2018


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