Protection of Personal Data and Confidentiality Policy

HL TRAD, parent company of the HL TRAD Group, hosts and edits the websites and This includes processing and storing all data that is collected on these websites or by their intermediary. HL TRAD has created this Protection of Personal Data and Confidentiality Policy (“Confidentiality Policy”), in order to relay its policy and practices about collection, use and disclosure of any information about you, which will have been obtained via the websites and

Please read this Confidentiality Policy carefully.

HL TRAD may modify it at any time (see “Modifications and updates of the Confidentiality Policy”). The most recent version is available to read by clicking on the link “Confidentiality Policy”, which appears at the bottom of the site’s homepage.

If you decide to use the websites and, you accept that HL TRAD collects, uses and discloses information about you, including personal and financial information, under the conditions specified by this Confidentiality Policy.

What information is collected on and
You may use the websites and without providing HL TRAD with your personal information. However, if you wish to receive information from HL TRAD or a reply concerning a translation or interpretation quote request, you will need to provide certain information, namely: – Your company name – You full name, telephone number and e-mail address. You may send HL TRAD an e-mail asking for your personal information to be deleted at any time as soon as we have dealt with your query (see “Modifications and access to your personal information”).

HL TRAD does not useCookies or other similar devices on the websites and

The websites and may contain links to third-party websites (namely in the “NEWS” section). HL TRAD has no control over their contents, their protection of personal data and confidentiality policies or their actions. Use of information that you may provide to third parties on other sites or that these third parties may collect from other websites is not determined by this Confidentiality Policy. You must examine the protection of personal data and confidentiality policies of these third-party websites carefully and contact the site editors if you have any questions concerning how they use your information. HL TRAD cannot be held responsible for any third party, its affiliates or its agents if they use information about you in a way which does not conform to the third party’s confidentiality policy or to any contractual or legal obligation to which this third party, its affiliates or its agents may be subject.

HL TRAD has put several security measures into place in order to protect the personal information that you provide against unauthorised access and use. Please be aware, however, that transferring data online is not 100% secure and that any information that is submitted online could potentially be intercepted and used by people other than the desired recipient.

Modifications and Updates of the Confidentiality Policy
By filling in the forms on the websites and, you accept the collection, use and disclosure of your information as described in the Confidentiality Policy. This Confidentiality Policy conveys the professional practices in place within HL TRAD, it may be modified and updated. In case of modification or updates, the revised Confidentiality Policy will be put on line, with the date of the most recent update. Please verify the sites and regularly to keep informed of any changes or updates to the Confidentiality Policy and HL TRAD practices. If you allow HL TRAD to keep your confidential information that you provided on the websites and in its database, and HL TRAD wishes to disclose this information to third parties or subsidiaries in a way which does not conform to this Confidentiality Policy, HL TRAD will inform you in writing and grant you the possibility to refuse any other use or disclosure of your personal information.

Modifications and access to your personal information
You may ask HL TRAD to correct, update or delete the information that you have provided to HL TRAD and which you have authorised to be kept in HL TRAD’s client database, by written request (see “Contact us”). If applicable, you must inform HL TRAD of any updates or changes to your information, namely your postal and/or e-mail address so that we are able to send quotes and translations to the right address and to contact you about these subjects if necessary.

Contact us
If you have any questions of the Confidentiality Policy and HL TRAD’s practices in relation to protecting personal data, feel free to contact us by telephone on +33 (0)1 30 09 41 90, by e-mail on or at HL TRAD, 38 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris.


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