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HLTRAD offers far-reaching cutting-edge translation services which include professional document translation services. Our translation quality with many years of professional experience is unbeatable. We use professional human translators in providing document translation services with fast and high translation quality. This is made possible because we use native speaking translators and reviewers that check every translation. With us, you are sure of getting fast professional translation process. We will make every effort to meet your timeline.

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Legal translation services

HL TRAD specialises in legal translation services for Legal Professionals, ensuring only the highest quality and accurate translations.

Our Language Network is dedicated to providing extremely skilled, culturally thoughtful professional translators and interpreters to expedite operational communication with clients. This network of highly qualified legal translators helps us provide accurate legal translation services at fast turnaround times. A lot of our veteran interpreters have completed professional Tests and Orientations and are very ready to meet your legal translation and legal document translation needs. Our legal translators are experienced in legal terminology; this made it possible for us to provide skilled translators for depositions, client meetings, courtroom interpreting in addition to legal document translation or transcription.



Financial translation services

HL TRAD is positioned as a preferred partner to your international development to handle all of your financial translation needs.

Having seen money as the greatest communicator that requires a perfect financial translation in any organisation, our financial translation services are indispensable on the way to making sure that communication is not intrude on upon in any way. At HL TRAD, we hold in high esteem your financial and business document translations, we provide accurate services and speak the right language plus an exceptional workflow that offers extensive ways of handling financial translation projects accurately.



Related Translation services

We offer certified document translation services approved for submission to an official bodies. Since agencies, international embassies and other legal bodies usually call for different certifications when dealing with certified translation agencies, HLTRAD match the translation services we offer to different levels of regularly demanded legal recognition. We guarantee you cost-effective, speedy and secure services as we are accredited to deliver certified translation services that will be appropriately stamped with a unique reference number for speedy identification.

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  • HL TRAD guarantees the consistency of your translations, over time.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Ability to efficiently handle all your requests.
  • Tailored processes to meet your specific requirements.


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