Terms and conditions

Article I – Scope of Application
The current Terms and Conditions of Sale outline the overall services, commitments and obligations of HL TRAD to its CLIENTS, and vice-versa, although these terms and conditions are not limited to translation, interpretation, proofreading, desktop publishing, subtitling, dubbing and transcription services, regardless of their format, content, the location they originate from or are in use. By using any of HL TRAD’s services, the CLIENT accepts the Terms and Conditions of Sale hereof as binding

Article II – Quotes & Orders
The order form, enclosed in the proposal, signed and accepted by the CLIENT will be treated as a valid and confirmed order, should the CLIENT choose not to issue a separate purchase order (or in the absence of the CLIENTS’s own purchase order). HL TRAD is under no obligation to commence the project until it has received the CLIENT’s official Purchase Order or a duly completed and signed HL TARD order form. Under no circumstances should the CLIENT request or expect the translator, interpreter or any other personnel employed, contracted or commissioned by HL TRAD to undertake any other work or project, directly or indirectly connected to the initial project on the purchase order, without the prior written consent of HL TRAD’s management.

Article III – Receipt and Delivery of Projects
The Client should forward any documents to be translated in a digital format by e-mail, floppy disk, CD or via FTP site, or paper format using courier, express delivery or postal services. They should also include any reference document which the CLIENT considers necessary or relevant to enable HL TRAD to perform its task efficiently. These include glossaries, lexicons, terminology bases or previous similar translations approved by the CLIENT. HL TRAD will perform its duties in accordance with the current accepted business practices and prevailing norms in the industry and within the limits or constraints stipulated by the CLIENT. HL TRAD will take every precaution to ensure that orders are delivered by the deadline stipulated on the quote as agreed by the CLIENT. Should the CLIENT require any additional work to be carried out on the Project (e.g. additional pages or files), HL TRAD reserves the right to extend the delivery deadline and will notify the CLIENT accordingly. The Project will be delivered to the CLIENT in either format chosen by the latter i.e. in digital format by e-mail, floppy disk, CD or via FTP site, or in paper format using courier, express delivery or postal services. With the exception of documents sent digitally, the costs of delivering the translated documents will be incurred by the CLIENT. late delivery will not automatically give rise to compensation unless so determined in a prior agreement between the CLIENT and HL TRAD and confirmed by the latter in writing. A CLIENT in arrears may be liable to have its project delivery made conditional to the settlement of any monies outstanding..

Article IV – Invoicing
HL TRAD’s proposals and quotations are based on the amount of words translated (with the exception of ‘interpretation’) and on the prevailing rates at the time the order is placed, and are drafted to address the specific requirements of the CLIENT. They should be considered as estimates only, unless or until the exact amount of words have been determined. Invoices are despatched to the CLIENT upon completion of the Project. Should the CLIENT cancel an order, the cost for the work already undertaken by HL TRAD at the time of cancellation will be invoiced in full and is payable by the CLIENT, except for orders involving interpretation or on-site translators. In the latter cases, should the project be cancelled less than five working days before the start date, the CLIENT will be invoiced in full, in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined hereof and as described in the proposal, or at a cost of 50% of the corresponding option chosen, if the order is cancelled five working days or more, before the Project start date.

Article V – Payment Terms
Unless otherwise stated, invoices are based on net prices, exclude prompt payments reductions, and are payable in full immediately upon receipt. The payment terms described hereof apply to all HL TRAD CLIENTS unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed to between both parties, backed by a written confirmation from HL TRAD. A 30% down payment is requested on orders over £2,000. Any sum owed to HL TRAD and unpaid by the contractual due date will automatically incur accrued interest charges, if formal reminders to pay are ignored. Any interest will be calculated on the basis of the prevailing Bank of England interest rate on the date the said payment is due. HL TRAD reserves the right to suspend any project in progress in the event of late payment..

Article VI – Complaints
Upon receipt of the completed project the CLIENT must ensure that the completed project conforms to the description of the Proposal and /or Order Form. Any dissatisfaction or complaint must be addressed to HL TRAD by recorded delivery post, with proof of posting safely kept, no later than 10 calendar days after the project delivery date. After this date, any request for additional work will be treated as a new Project and will be invoiced separately.

Article VII – Liability
HL TRAD undertakes to diligently carry out to completion all the projectssubmitted to the best of its ability in line with the options chosen by the CLIENT and within a mutually agreed time frame. Should any disagreement arise over the terminology used – with the exception of stylistic preferences; HL TRAD endeavours to resolve the issue by adopting the solution it deems most appropriate and most reasonable, commensurate to the CLIENT’s requirements, from the pool of resources available at that moment in time in order to bring the necessary amendments, modifications and corrections to the required and / or outlined sections, promptly and diligently to the CLIENT’s satisfaction. In such cases the CLIENT will neither be entitled to, nor should it expect or demand, an overall re-translation or revision of the entire project. Should HL TRAD be held liable for breaching any of its contractual obligations, or proven to have acted irresponsibly or performed poorly beyond reasonable doubts during the execution of its duties and commitments, the indemnity will be limited to the direct loss suffered by the CLIENT and will not exceed the amount invoiced for the Project, as long as the CLIENT produces the evidence.

Article VIII – Insurance
The CLIENT is advised to insure all documents and originals sent to HL TRAD.

Article IX – Jurisdiction
The English Courts will have sole jurisdiction in the event of a dispute over the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of Sale or relating to a service provided by HL TRAD.


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